Neo-Renaissance Building Study.
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Zachary schlanger zacharyschlanger models 01
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Zachary schlanger zacharyschlanger brick

100% procedural

Zachary schlanger zacharyschlanger brick tan

100% procedural

Zachary schlanger zacharyschlanger cobblestones

100% procedural

Zachary schlanger zacharyschlanger trim

Upper stones procedural, lower trim modeled in Maya

Zachary schlanger zacharyschlanger wood

100% procedural

Neo-Renaissance Building Study.

I recently became inspired to do a small piece with a focus on architecture and practicing use of trim texture, tiling textures and using piece modularly. I have been wanting to do some more brick and wood substances using Substance Designer, and after running through Josh Lynch’s wood lath tutorial ( There’s a lot of good stuff to be learned from that and it improved not only my wood substances, but my overall thought process and understanding of material creation.

This piece took about 2 weeks.

I still want to do another polish pass to add more textural storytelling through decals, vertex painting and some zbrush. I hope to get that up this week. I also will add some images of my finished modular pieces in the next few days.

Sky downloaded from , This is a great collection and is totally worth supporting!

All work shown is my own, rendered in real time in Unreal Engine 4

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