Star Wars: The Old Republic- Jedi Under Siege- Sith Base
Star Wars: The Old Republic- Jedi Under Siege- Sith Base

On the Old Republic, my role was to build worlds and to make them feel like intriguing spaces. The Sith Base was a really fun project to work on because I got to pretty much design exactly how I wanted it and designers would then populate the area. As a team we all wanted the main hull of the base to be tilted, so I had a lot of fun, as well as some struggles, making the navigable space integrate with the shell. Mashing greables together to make a cool shell was quite enjoyable.

For this space, my responsibilities were, the initial design, propping, lighting, terrain sculpting and painting, optimization and worldbuilding of the physical space. I was responsible for the vista and the exterior shell that showcases the Sith Base to the rest of the planet.

All assets were created by other artists, with some being kitbashed by me. Special thank you to, Carrie Meade, Jason Moulton, Mauricio Sotolongo, Garrett Brown, Bret Hoffman, Young Kim and the rest of the SWTOR team.

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